Grilling food provides a myriad of options. The list starts from steak, burgers, hotdogs and more. The best thing about grilling is more than the fun you get. Grilling food can become a part of a healthy lifestyle.

5 Benefits of Grilled Food

Grilling food comes with health benefits compared to food from the oven or stove. Consider these five health benefits. Also, we will give you some tips on how to serve healthy and wholesome meals.

1.      Grilled Food Has Less Fat

Grilling food does not involve excess fat. The fats drips off the grates when you’re grilling. Imagine cooking burgers on a frying pan. The meat fat pools on the pan, even when you transfer it to your plate. Further, the fat is being cooked off on the grill.

2.      Grilled Vegetables Are Healthier

Did you know that minerals and vitamins of vegetables are retained when they are grilled? This is largely a fact for vegetables with low water content. Also, grilled vegetables are usually tossed fresh and seasoned. Wrapping it with tin foil or just grilling them bare, cooking vegetables in any grilled manner is has more nutritional advantages.

3.      Meat Preserves Nutrients

Grilling meat retains more of its nutrients such as thiamine and riboflavin. These nutrients are essentials in one’s health. Also, it comes with benefits corresponding to meat nutrients.

4.      No Butter In Grilling

You no longer need butter in grilling! All juices from meats and vegetables just ooze out and makes everything tastier. This also means eating lesser calories. Moreover, it puts fewer bad stuff in your body.

5.      Grilling Brings You Outdoors

Grilling brings you and everyone outdoors. Most families do other activities while grilling. The performance of grilling encourages everyone to go outdoors. Physical activities done outdoors is an additional healthy activity along with your food.

5 Tips Grill In A Healthy Manner

Take note of these few but helpful tips before heading to your grill purchased Barbecue Bazaar. These tips will ensure a healthier meal. Improve your diet with the following tips.

1.      Buy Lean Meats

Most are familiar with grilling burger patties. You should add variety on your grilled menu. Buy lean meat cuts such as pork, fish or chicken. For burger patties, pick the leanest beef. Try to check the package if it has 93/7 marked on it. This marks only 7% of fat. Leaner meat means a healthier you.

2.      Grill Vegetables

All meals should have vegetables. You can add onions, peppers, sweet corns or zucchinis on your grill. In fact, you can make vegetables kebabs! Try dressing it with light vinaigrette to add more taste and nutrients.

3.      Utilize Gas, Not Charcoal

Charcoal can expose your food with harmful chemicals that may cause cancer. Grilling with charcoal must not involve overcooking the meat. Also, make sure to keep your food from the smoke. Try using a gas grill as much as possible. It is a cleaner way to cook and steers clear of hazardous chemicals.

4.      Marinate the Meat

Marinate your chicken, pork or beef steaks. It could be with salt and pepper, honey garlic glaze or teriyaki sauce. Marinating both improves the taste, and your health. In fact, marinating your meat will help eliminate other chemicals at 99%.

5.      Try Using Healthy Alternatives

Try searching for grilling inspirations over the internet. There are a myriad of creative recipes involving the grill. Actually, you can try grilling your own pizza. Use the internet to look for recipes and be creative!