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Getting a well-maintained lawn all year round is nearly impossible. With the highest level of dedication, real lawn is prone to pest, disease, and dry spells. These and many other factors leave it looking un from time to time. Thus comes artificial lawns.


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Artificial grass is the hassle-free solution to having a compound looking good all year round. In Vale, artificial grass has become more popular in the last few years. Residents have realised that it is a good looking yet low maintenance lawn solution. Higher density housing and scarcity of time resources have made it even more popular. 

Benefits of Artificial Grass

The use of fake grass in homes and commercial spaces is more common today, as people realize the benefits of a synthetic lawn. Here are some of those benefits:

Less Time Consumed

The immediate impact is the most obvious benefit of having a synthetic lawn. On the other hand, a real lawn takes time to seed and grow. It also requires perfect weather for the seeds to grow else they dry out. It is also common to have partial growth, leaving other parts empty. This makes the lawn look uneven and ugly. 

Luckily, with synthetic grass, installation can take a day or two depending on the size of the space. The process is simple and less time-consuming. This makes artificial lawns a more affordable and stress-free option. In fact, artificial grass can be laid out on big fields such as a golf course in just a week.

Low Maintenance Needs

Getting synthetic grass eliminates the need to water or mow. Besides, it can also stand heavy rains without moulding and it is insect-proof. There is no need to worry about bugs and mosquitoes on the lawn. During rainy days, water from the rain passes through the grass preventing puddles and muddy areas.

There is also no money spent on chemicals to kill weeds on the lawn, unlike on real grass. Moreover, it eliminates the need for a lawnmower and the gas to run it. That said, a synthetic lawn is cheaper and easier to maintain. Owners can enjoy it all year round without any distractions such as weeding. 

Many Environmental Benefits

As opposed to real grass, fake grass does not need any water to grow. It is very convenient especially in dry seasons where there is no rain at all. Instead of using all the water keeping grass alive, it can be used to grow vegetables. Additionally, noise pollution from lawn mowers and weed cutters is eliminated.

Artificial Grass Prices in Vale

Installing artificial grass in Vale costs between $50 and $120 per square metre. This is inclusive of the materials plus installation costs. At Southcity Landscaping we offer expert services at pocket-friendly prices. Call us today and transform your compound into a lush and beautiful space!

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