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A grass lawn can add value to your home. It also adds living space, especially when you have children or pets. However, the downside to having a natural lawn is that it takes more time to install and is high maintenance. This explains why most homes and even commercial establishments are switching to artificial grass.

Artificial grass installation prices in Fremantle

The prices for artificial grass in Fremantle vary, and it usually depends on the type of grass and lawn size. A typical price would be at 5 to 20 dollars per square meter. There are premium types of grass that can mimic the natural landscape more than others. Of course, these types come with a costlier tag.

Why synthetic grass is popular in Fremantle

Faster installation and low maintenance are the top reasons why artificial grass is a hit in Fremantle. With 54 % of its population working fulltime and 33.4 % working part-time, Fremantle folks are a bit run down and don’t have extra time to maintain a lawn.

Even if those working part-time have time to spare, that’s time better spent attending to their kids or doing other essential household chores.

Also, a whopping 43.4 % of the Fremantle population spend more than 40 hours of day per week at work. The remainder of their week is subdivided into resting and spending time with the family. Hence, it’s safe to say that maintaining a lawn will not be in their list of priorities.

Fremantle is a family-centred community. More than a third of its population are families with kids. A beautiful lawn would be a perfect spot where children can play, and pets can run around. Therefore, an artificial grass lawn is a functional and pet-friendly fixture that families will love.


Artificial Grass colours and style

Artificial grass FAQs

Are there alternative styles and colours for artificial grass?

It’s a common misconception that artificial grass only comes in one style! In reality, you have a lot of choices when it comes to colour and style. You can even choose the length of the grass. If you want it to imitate nature closely, you can select an ombre shade of green and yellow.

Will artificial grass be pet-friendly?

Pet-friendly artificial grass is a blessing to pet owners. You don’t have to deal with staining, and your pooch won’t even try to dig a hole on the ground. Also, there won’t be any lingering odours that you commonly deal with when you have pets on your lawn.

Your pets enjoy a fun time frolicking under the sun without you being bothered with the maintenance.

Is artificial grass expensive?

Artificial lawns are cost-effective and easy to maintain. It will save you money on the cost needed for mowing and buying pesticides. Moulds are no longer a concern. With artificial grass, there’s no need to treat moulds because there won’t be any!

Lastly, you also don’t need to buy potentially toxic fertilisers to keep the grass happy and healthy-looking.

Where to Buy Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is not hard to come by. You can buy it from several wholesalers in Western Australia.  Our Fremantle location can provide you with a list of reliable partners for your artificial grass needs. Call us on 0405 398 267 today!

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