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Advances in Technology

In Perth, artificial grass installation has gained popularity over the recent years. It is a low maintenance, hassle free solution that looks great all year around. Higher density housing and the time constraints of dual income households has made artificial grass an increasingly popular solution.

More and more people and commercial businesses are using fake grass because they have discovered the many benefits that come with a synthetic lawn. It used to be easy to pick out a lawn or playground that had Artificial Grass. The blades looked plastic and the whole area was just one shade of green, Newer options have variations in colour, and look and feel like real grass.


The right type of Artificial Grass can look very realistic

Benefits of Synthetic Grass

There are many benefits to having an artificial lawn over one of real grass.

Immediate Impact

A real lawn takes time to seed and grow. Sometimes the seeds dry out before they start to grow. That requires re-seeding the entire area again. Some parts may grow, but others may not. That leaves uneven patches that make a lawn look terrible.

How long does artificial grass take to install? The synthetic grass can be placed in an area in a day or two, depending on the size of the space. A small yard can be completed in a few simple steps. The yard is cleared of rocks or stones. A layer of gravel is put down to fill in any holes, and make the area smooth. It also acts as drainage for rain water. The artificial turf is rolled out and nailed in place. It has to be brushed one time to make the blades stand up. It is ready to be enjoyed.

Large spaces, like a school playground, a hotel courtyard, or a golf course, may take a week to install. Once the grass is in place, it will last for a very long time. High quality artificial grass can last up to twenty years. Inexpensive versions will last for up to eight years. Unlike other providers Southcity Landscaping will provide the highest quality product your budget allows.


Low maintenance Artificial Lawn can look great against natural stone

Low Maintenance

Synthetic grass does not have to be fertilised, watered, or mowed. It will not mould in heavy rains, and is not prone to insects. Water from rain goes right through it and is absorbed into the ground. That prevents muddy areas, puddles, and soggy spots.

People can spend more time enjoying the yard because they do not have to spend time working on the grass. They do not have to spend money on a lawn mower, or gas and oil to operate one. Weeds are not a big problem, so no money has to be spent on chemicals to kill them. The grass needs no food to make it grow lush and beautiful.

Environmentally Friendly

Real grass takes a lot of water to grow. The Perth summer climate is hot and dry, and in those months water can be scarce. Water could be better used on a vegetable garden. We are reminded most summers by the water corporation how important it is to conserve water in Perth.

Having synthetic lawns also cuts down on noise pollution from lawn mowers and weed cutters. Resources like gas and oil are also not needed for turf lawns. There is less erosion that takes place with fake lawns because water does not wash away the soil.

Selecting the Perfect Lawn

Artificial turf comes in many blends and lengths. Longer grass creates a lush and full looking lawn. Shorter grass is ideal for pets. Grass colours vary to achieve a more natural look. Some blends even include yellowish green blades to match the natural landscapes of Australia. There are country blends, summer blends, and many others.

People will want to compare different types of grasses before deciding on the one they want to have installed. Touch each option to see if it feels natural and soft. Southcity Landscaping is able to provide you with a sample of colours and styles so you can decide which produces the best results. We recommend that you check out the real lawns in the neighbourhood to get an idea of what colours are native to the area.

Two types of Artificial Grass

The are many different types of artificial grass. Talk to SouthCity Landscaping about the available blends and types of artificial grass that are best for Perth


Just some of the types of synthetic grass available through Southcity Landscaping


Best Artificial Grass Reviews

Here is some of the feedback from real Australian home owners after having Synthetic Grass installed:

Sandy K., wrote “I chose Summer Blend and it looks so real”.

Debra C “We had turf installed in January and it’s beautiful”.

Adam L “Great quality artificial turf. No issues with mould. Easy to maintain.”;

If you are looking to buy artificial grass for dogs there is positive reviews from dog owners too:

Kathleen L “We’ve got two dogs and they go nuts racing around on it, rolling on it, etc”.


I have children and pets. Is synthetic grass safe for them to play on?

Completely. The grass is free of toxic chemicals or heavy metal residue. Its soft fall feature may actually make is safer than natural grass or turf.

What kind of surface can Artificial Grass be installed on?

Most of the time the surface is compressed crushed rock, which is porous and drains water easily, although the grass can be installed over paved areas or concrete.

What kind of maintenance is required for artificial grass?

Very little, since there is no mowing, watering or weed treatment and removal. Hosing or blowing off leaves and debris and scooping animal products in the same way as on real grass are all that are required.

Does water drain off the surface?

When installed over a base of finely crushed rock the porous base drains just as real grass or turf does. Over a paved or concrete base the water runs off easily, as there are no low spots to form puddles.

What is the usual life of the turf?

Under normal conditions it can easily last for 20 years or even more. Most products carry a five to seven year warranty against fading or sun damage.

Can I install it around my pool and spa?

Yes. The grass is protected from damage or staining by chlorine, and many homeowners install around the pool for a lush, green look.

Is artificial grass only for lawns?

No, rooftops, balconies and even decks look and feel better with a lush covering of Artificial Turf. There are no nails or screws to step on, no splinters and rooftops stay cooler when covered. The party can move out onto the deck, balcony or rood and still feel like outside.

Can a homeowner install turf as a DIY project?

It is possible, but many things can go wrong with an installation by other than a trained professional. Incorrect installation can result in low spots where water pools, frequents delamination of seams joining strips and other problems. At the very least a homeowner should consult with a professional beore undertaking the project.

What is the cost compared to putting in a real grass lawn?

Its difficult to compare as the cost of a natural lawn can vary widely, and the annual costs associated with upkeep, maintenance and repair can be significant. With Synthetic Turf the initial cost is the only cost. There is no annual maintenance, weed removal, mowing or trimming.

What is the environmental impact of installing a Synthetic Lawn?

While the process is not completely natural, the long term impact on the environment is beneficial. No watering means conservation of a natural resource. No mowing means less pollution and conservation of fossil fuels and no chemical fertilizers or herbicides is eco-friendly. On balance installation of Synthetic Grass is one of the best decisions for a homeowner who is concerned about living greener and being kinder to the environment can make.

How to install artificial turf

Looking to install artificial grass yourself? Firstly, the area must be marked out and bordered with limestone blocks or rigid garden bordering. The next step is to clear and level the ground and ensure there is no rubble, rock or brick in the sand. Next it must be thoroughly wet and compacted using a compactor. Next a thick layer of crushed aggregate is poured on, levelled and compacted. It must be firmly compacted so there is no movement. Finally the turf is layed out, pegged in and joints are secured using special tape. That is the basic steps but Southcity Landscaping do recommend a professional installation to prevent future movement and excellent finish. If you are still wondering how to lay artificial grass feel free to give as a call for further information.

Where to purchase artificial grass

Artificial grass can be purchased from a number of wholesalers throughout Perth. Southcity Landscaping can source artificial grass direct from wholesalers and pass savings onto their customers on installation jobs. Talk to Southcity Landscaping if you would like to know more about where to buy artificial grass.

What is the best artificial grass

This depends on your needs and the area you live in. The Summer blend is popular in Perth as it is a similar shade to many of the grasses which naturally grow in Perth.

What are the residential artificial grass prices

If you are looking to purchase green artificial grass supply and installation starts at $55 per square metre. Some suppliers in Perth charge up to $110 per square metre. We are able to provide a quality product at a lower price as we have lower overheads and great whole sale savings that we pass onto our customers. Whilst some suppliers choose to use a cheaper product to save on the artificial cost and undercut the market, we would rather supply and install a quality product we would be proud to use in your own garden.

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