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SouthCity Landscaping can build a professional, state of the art deck for your backyard. We can work with the latest styles and technology such as composite decking to produce a great outdoor living space. Call us today for a free quote or check out some of the different styles of decking below.


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Besides adding some extra space to your home, a deck could also boost the property’s tangible value. Most homeowners choose different types of decking depending on the amount of space available and what they plan to use it for. To get better insight of what your options are, you need to explore the different styles of decks that are generally preferred by most homeowners.

relaxing on the Deck

Decks provide the best place to relax and unwind

Platform Decks

Usually attached to single-story buildings, these are the simplest decking design. Their close proximity to the ground means that railings aren’t usually necessary. Still, you can highlight the structure’s perimeter by incorporating some built-in planters, a large, screened gazebo and some bench seating. It’s also important to use pressure-treated materials in order to avoid exposure to the elements. This is especially vital when ground contact is considered; the materials need several coats of protective sealer prior to installation.

Raised Decks

Houses whose 1st floors are above-grade need raised decks. A complete raised deck will usually have exposed foundation posts which can be concealed using skirting or plantings. The former mostly consists of lattice or lath panels which fit between the ground and the deck. The structures need to include railings for purposes of safety and to enhance ease of access.

Beautiful outdoor raised deck

Beautiful outdoor raised deck

Two-Story Decks

These are used to provide outdoor access to upper floors of a house. Many homeowners however find it challenging to maintain outdoor appeal due to the bracing and structural posts required to support the decking. Some good ways to camouflage these elements include using decorative boards on the deck’s exterior, building with thicker posts and incorporating partial skirting along the sides.

Multilevel Decks

These are comprised of several decks connected by walkways or stairways. This allows you to separate your decking into different sections, each with its own unique purpose. You could also use multilevel decks to create a specific structural element to enhance your home’s visual appeal. Another clever application is to take advantage of microclimates within the outdoor space. The decks are especially ideal for sloped lots, as the areas could follow the contours of the terrain.


Elevated decks can bring the outdoors to you

Freestanding Decks

Freestanding decks are somewhat unique because they aren’t usually attached to the house or any other fixed structure. Built using similar methods and techniques as attached decks, their main distinguishing elements are the posts, footings and beams which replace the ledger. This approach would be ideal for you if your house’s construction doesn’t allow for attachment of a ledger board to the framing.

free standing deck

Free Standing Deck over grass

Freestanding decks are well-suited for those seeking to create stable living areas separate from the main house. When placed in an attractive garden, these structures become natural extensions of the surroundings. You could hence use them if you want to highlight specific areas within your yard.

Decking Maintenance

If you consider your options carefully, you’ll end up with a practical yet appealing structure that goes well into the available space. But your work isn’t done; you need to keep the structure in tip-top shape to ensure it’s one of your home’s highlights. There are several ways to keep your decking as good as new for years to come.


Sweep Regularly

Regularly sweep your deck using a stiff broom to remove loose dirt and debris. This also keeps the boards from drying out due to water and dust.



To get rid of stubborn stains, apply a strong cleaning solution that is purpose made for decking


Inspect Regularly

Inspect regularly to check for any loose nails, boards or moisture damage. Any of these issues should be remedied promptly whenever they’re spotted.


Upfront Pricing

Oil and stain your deck to prevent the damaging impact of UV rays and retain the timber’s lustrous appeal. Choose water-based products with advanced UV protection for both oiling and staining.