Perth Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass is an excellent alternative to natural ones because it’s not costly to maintain. Aesthetics-wise, artificial grass offers a realistic imitation of lush, green turf. While we praise artificial turf because it is low-maintenance, you still need to care for it to make it last longer. Here are some ways to adequately take care of your synthetic turf.

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Remove Leaves and Debris

Leaves and any other dirt will not necessarily damage your artificial lawn. Nevertheless, it can affect the way they look. A ton of dead leaves can be a spot where weed can grow and thrive.

Don’t worry. It’s quite easy to clean fallen leaves. You can either use a broom or pick it up with your hands.

Install a Weed Membrane

Having a weed membrane installed underneath your artificial grass can prevent weeds from thriving.

Keep Your Artificial Grass Clean And Tidy

When there isn’t sufficient rain, you can hose it down to keep it clean. Alternatively, you can use artificial grass cleaning products.

Brush Your Artificial Lawn Regularly

Brush your lawn regularly with a stiff brush. Doing this will help keep the plastic fibres in top shape.

Routinely Move Heavy Equipment Around The Artificial Lawn

Do you have heavy equipment on your artificial lawn such as a football goalie or a kids’ playground? Move them frequently to care for the artificial grass. These things are heavy and can take a toll on them. Fixing heavy items in one spot can wear the grass down pretty quickly.

Remove Stains Immediately

When you’ve accidentally dropped red wine or your kids’ juice, clean it immediately to avoid staining.

Protect Your Artificial Grass From Burnt Marks

A fire-resistant lawn is advisable. However, even if your grass is fire-resistant, once it catches fire, the plastic will melt. Therefore, it’s advisable not to put a BBQ grill or smoker if you’re standing on your artificial grass.

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