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Retaining walls are an attractive way to help keep soil in place on a sloped property and limit erosion and flooding. While a variety of different materials can be used in building retaining walls, Limestone Retaining Walls are a relatively popular choice. Some of the more commonly asked questions regarding these walls are answered below.


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Limestone Retaining Walls FAQs

Below are some common questions we get regarding Limestone wall installation. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us today.

What Types of Limestone Blocks Are Available?

Three types of limestone blocks are typically available for use in Perth Limestone Retaining Walls. Natural limestone blocks are literally cut directly out of the ground and don’t involve any manufacturing. Because of this, they aren’t as uniform in size, shape and colour as the other types of limestone blocks. Natural earth limestone blocks are produced by ramming earth to make blocks that have a rustic red tone, and reconstituted limestone blocks are cream-coloured blocks that are made by mixing concrete with crushed limestone. These blocks are most commonly used in building retaining walls because they’re strong and uniform in terms of size and shape.

Are There Any Restrictions on Building Retaining Walls?

Local government approval is needed in some cases, although this varies based on the exact location where you live. The most common situations where approval is needed are when the walls will be higher than 500 mm or when the wall is closer than 1.5 metres to another structure. Limestone Retaining Walls in Perth need to be a certain distance from the property line, usually at least 0.6 metres, although taller walls will need to be further away from the property line than shorter walls. In order to seek approval to build a retaining wall, an engineer’s design is typically required.

What Size Blocks Should I Use?

When building Limestone Retaining Walls, there are a wide variety of different size blocks to choose from. This decision is partly a matter of aesthetics, but also a matter of structure. The taller a retaining wall is going to be, the larger the limestone blocks should be. The smallest blocks are best used only for very short retaining walls. The weight of the larger blocks will help hold back the higher force against them from the large amount of dirt and soil behind the wall. Smaller blocks weigh less and thus don’t provide as much structural integrity to the wall.

Should I Build One Wall or a Terraced Wall?

In general, a retaining wall may be more structurally sound and visually pleasing if it is built in a terraced fashion, using two or shorter walls, than if it is built to be very tall. Development approval may still be needed if the total height of the combined terrace sections is more than one metre, however, so this isn’t necessarily a way to get around needing this type of approval.

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