Southcity Landscaping regularly provide landscaping and paving services to the Booragoon area. Most paving projects take a week to two weeks, while larger jobs may take longer. If you have any questions about your potential paving job at your Booragoon home or business, such as “how long will the paving job take?” “how much will the job cost?” Contact Mike Tuhaka from Southcity Landscaping today. He will be happy to provide you free advice and a quote on the options that are available to you.

Types of Paving Available

We can carry out paving with almost any type of paver available. As Fremantle Stone preferred suppliers, we are apple to supply and install a wide variety of pavers and recommend options that you may not be aware of. This includes the full range of granite, limestone and natural stone pavers.

We specialise in the installation of the amazing travertine pavers. These pavers have a granite base and look amazing. In fact they look so amazing they are also referred to as Travertine tiles. They bring out the natural colours of the West Australian environment and in particular the native eucalypts and Australian bushland that is prominent in the Booragoon area.

Before carrying out any landscaping it is important to check with the local City of Melville Planning information to ensure full compliance with local codes. We are also able to assist with any questions you may have regarding this.


Our pricing for paving starts at a very competitive $35 / square metre. Once we know the exact style and type of paver you want to go with, we are able to give you a more exact price.

About Booragoon

Being an established Perth suburb, Booragoon boasts a natural landscape of natives and eucalypt trees. This makes it an ideal suburb for travertine paving which is brings out natural earthy tones of its surroundings. Check out the images below to see some of our Travertine Paving projects.

Paving an area around the home can be a great way to boost it’s value if your are thinking of selling. The average price for a home in Booragoon is $870,000, while a unit is priced on average at about $550,000. (for more see https://www.realestate.com.au/neighbourhoods/booragoon-6154-wa)

Booragoon is presently considered a “high demand” market, which means it is easier to sell your home in Booragoon than other areas of Perth.

Our Paving Projects

Below are some paving projects by Southcity Landscaping. Not all of these Projects were carried out in Booragoon. You can see the range of limestone paving, Travertine paving and pool paving that we carry out. There are many other types of paving we also carry out. For a full range of paving options for your Booragoon home, contact us today.

fiber glass pool with paving


Limestone wall around pool

small-limestone-wall-rendered Paving around pool in a Perth yard by Southcity Landscaping

Limestone pavers around pool area in Perth home

More limestone Paving around a pool area. This time with a more yellow limestone paver.

Path on Side of the House

Paving Down the Side of the House

Limestone paving around pool

Limestone paving around pool

Limestone paving in a backyard area

Limestone pavers in a backyard area

Limestone Paving in front of a retaining wall

Limestone Paving in front of a retaining wall. All Built by SouthCity Landscaping

Close up of dark paving as it contrasts against limestone Travertine paving in Perth alfresco area

Granite paving and landscaping Perth by Southcity Landscaping

Granite paving and landscaping Perth

Landscpaping perth southern suburbs

Limestone Pavers Can be used to create a Mediterranean feel

Landscaping and paving perth

Planning your Landscaping renovation means ensuring even small spaces are utilised well.


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