Tips For Starting A Vegetable Garden in Australia

Sustainable living is on the rise because it helps the environment and saves money. One of the most important steps to take as a sustainable-living enthusiast is having your own vegetable garden, and the following tips will help you get started.

Choose Your Crops

You will need to choose crops that grow well in Australia and are high yielding. You could consider tomatoes, green beans, or even lettuce to start with.

tomatoes in vegetable garden

tomatoes in vegetable garden

Compost Naturally

You may want to make your own composting material to help reduce waste and enrich the soil. You just need a composting bin and some of your food waste. Those with limited space can use something like a worm farm to compost.

Chickens are a Hoot

Those who can should consider raising chickens. Their waste will make great compost material for your vegetable garden. Another bonus is you will have a lot of eggs, which can be expensive to buy.

Natural Pest Control

A garden will attract insects, but there are natural ways to keep harmful insects away from your food. You do not need to rely on pesticides. Plant herbs like basil or peppermint around your garden as their scent keeps harmful insects away.

Community Garden

If you do not want to take on this challenge all by yourself, you could talk to your neighbors. There is a chance that you are not the only one thinking of growing produce at home. Its a good way to get to know your neighbors and share the load.


Gardening could eat up a lot of your water supply, but it does not have to. You can install an irrigation system to help water the garden at intervals, or you can collect rain water if you want to be a little more natural.

woman harvesting vegetables in her vegetable garden

woman harvesting vegetables in her vegetable garden

Rotate the Crops

It is important to rotate your crop every season or two. This is done for a number of reasons; for one, it helps fortify the soil and produces richer crops. Second, it varies the insects in the garden, which reduces the chance of any of them invading your crops.

These are just a few tips to help you get started, and they should point you in the right direction. Remember, you do have the internet at your disposal or nearby farmers that could lend a hand when you need it. You might be surprised by all the help you can get from fellow gardeners.

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