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When it comes to swimming pools for your Perth home, Southcity Landscaping have you covered. We can provide you great prices on Perth swimming pools and incorporate them into a complete landscaping package.

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Southcity Landscaping can help you with the supply, installation and construction of your Perth pool. There are three main types of pools: Above ground pools, fibreglass pools (also known as below ground pools) and custom concrete pools.

Above Ground Pool

These type of swimming pools are the easiest and most inexpensive to construct. They come in multiple sizes and shapes, making them among the most versatile and flexible pools. But these are not user-customisable and your choices would invariably be limited to what the manufacturer offers. Generally, these pools are created from prefabricated kits or items that don’t require professional assistance to assemble.

These pools are temporary structures, which means they can be disassembled whenever you move out or shift base. The dismantling is as easy as its assembly. However, this non-rigidness makes the pool the least durable on the list.

Fiberglass Pool

A fiberglass pool is basically carved out of fiberglass-reinforced plastic that’s moulded to look like a basin. This pool is typically surrounded by concrete.

Unlike above-ground pools, a fiberglass pool comes in a single piece, already constructed by the manufacturer. However, you may also choose to build the pool at the site it gets laid. The pool may not be as flexible as an above-ground pool, but it scores more on the versatility scale compared to a concrete pool.


Fiberglass pool with Cabana and Paving. All completed by Southcity Landscaping


Concrete Pool

Concrete pools enable you to create a completely custom design for your back yard. Since there are no pre-made rigid kits or structures to fiddle with, you can pour concrete and customise the pool to your heart’s content. If you think a particular pool size or shape is not possible with other types of pools, go for concrete pools. A concrete pool comes in multiple finishes, which includes paint, plaster, specialty coating items, etc.

Because of the length of time to build, concrete pools are the most expensive type of pool to build. They enable you to build something truly unique and perfectly suited to your backyard.

Custom backyard Concrete pool

Custom backyard Concrete pool


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The type of swimming pool you select for your house or any other property should be based on your requirements and compatibility with the area. For a free quote and discussion on just what’s possible for your Perth home, contact South City Landscaping today.