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Welcome to the most durable, beautiful way to pave your outdoor area. Travertine Tiles or Travertine Pavers provide an exceptional finish for less than you think. For more information on Travertine Paving in Perth call us today

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Travertine Pavers – Say Hello to Exceptional

Make your Perth outdoor area stand out with Travertine Pavers. With a unique granite finish, these pavers are durable and look exceptional.

How Travertine is formed: Travertine Pavers are beautifully formed in nature when natural springs deposit limestone in layers. Over long periods of time, this creates beautiful layers that are full of aragonite and calcite. This gorgeous stone looks so much more natural than manmade stones and can last a lifetime. These pavers can handle a great amount of abuse. When a homeowner is considering pavers for their pool area or patio, it is important they consider Travertine. It is not only beautiful but also durable.

Travertine pavers Perth installation against limestone capping

Natural Stone that Stays Cool


Wont discolour pools like concrete or bricks can


Marble look without the hefty price tag


Extremely durable and easy to replace


Wide variety of finishes available

Benefits of Travertine Pavers in Perth

  • Travertine is one of the best materials for paving a pool area because it is one of the few natural stones that stays cool. It stays cool even when the outdoor temps are rising. This ensures people will not burn their feet when walking around the pool area on a hot day.
  • When a pool is surrounded by concrete or bricks, efflorescence can begin to form and mar the appearance of the pool decking. Pools that are surrounded with Travertine Pavers will not experience this discolouration.
  • Travertine offers a beautiful look like marble but is much less expensive. This is the perfect paver to choose if a homeowner has budget constraints.
  • These pavers are extremely durable but if they do become damaged in any way, they can be replaced with very little effort. Replacement does not require homeowners to tear up the surrounding pavers.
  • These pavers are available in a wide array of natural colours and patterns to make any pool or patio area look beautiful.


Travertine Pavers – FAQs

What is the Travertine Pavers Installation Cost?

At SouthCity Landscaping, installing Travertine pavers is comparable to regular paving installation. Our quality workmanship and attention to detail is why we are the preferred installers for Fremantle Stone.

What patterns can Travertine Pavers be laid in?

Travertine pavers can be laid in most standard patterns. One of the most effective ways is using a french pattern to create a random effect.

Travertine Paving French Pattern

Travertine Paving French Pattern

Where Can Travertine Pavers be Used?

Because Travertine Pavers are so durable and do not fade, they are perfect for many areas around a home. They make a beautiful patio presentation and can be placed in a variety of design patterns to create unique looks.

Travertine can also be used for lining driveways so weeds stay away. This gives a crisp look to the front of the yard that brings in a nice design element.

One of the best places for Travertine is the pool area because this stone is natural so it is not polished and will not cause the surface area to be slippery. Travertine can help prevent accidents. These stones stay cooler than most natural stone so they will not cause burned feet when guests are walking around the pool area.

These pavers can be used in place of almost any other type of paver and they add a touch of beauty to a home. Concrete simply cannot offer the same level of design. These pavers can be placed in cold environments because they can withstand freezing and thawing without cracking or

These pavers can be placed in cold environments because they can withstand freezing and thawing without cracking or crumbling. This makes these pavers a good all around choice when a homeowner wants to add a beautiful design element but does not want the cost and upkeep of more expensive natural stones.

Travertine tiles captured by the sun

Travertine tiles captured by the sun

Travertine Pavers for Your Perth Outdoor Area

Travertine pavers in outdoor verandah area installed by southcity landscaping

Travertine pavers in outdoor verandah area installed by southcity landscaping

The natural look of Travertine lends itself beautifully to almost any indoor or outdoor application. When pavers are coupled with Travertine Tiles, the result is a seamless application that coordinates the design elements on the inside and outside of the home. Many Perth luxury builders such as Cambuild incorporate Travertine pavers in their outdoor designs. Travertine is one of the most beautiful natural stones in the world and it can come in a variety of unique patterns. Depending on where it is mined, there are many colors and designs that can be formed.

Homeowners who are interested in these beautiful Travertine tiles or pavers will find them perfect for any outdoor project. Whether they will line a pool or create a unique walkway, Travertine offers a beautifully natural look to any landscape design. Homeowners should check out the many color and design options so they can make the best choice.

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