If you have just had your yard beautifully landscaped by Southcity Landscaping, it is important to keep the weeds in it under control. This will keep your new yard looking amazing.

Many gardeners find weeding a huge inconvenience. The truth is that you cannot have that beautiful and colourful garden if you do not get rid of weeds. Below are safe and effective ways to eliminate weeds in your garden.

Weed your garden often

Weed control is something you should do habitually. Do not spend an exhausting three-five hours weeding your garden once or twice a month. This is counter-product and will leave you with sore fingers and an aching back. Just weed (five to ten minutes each time) every other day and you will notice great results.

woman weeding in the garden

Weed regularly to avoid weeks taking over!

Water your garden first

Always weed your garden when it is wet. You can pull out weeds easily after the rain because the ground is soft at this time. You can also water your garden before you start pulling out weeds. Either way, the job is easy and convenient.

Take advantage of mulching

You should mulch your garden because this process retains moisture. In addition, mulching discourages weeds from growing in your garden. You can also use the newspaper trick to achieve great results. Spread old newspapers on the ground after weeding and cover it with mulch. This way, you recycle the newspaper and kill the weeds.

Use plastic bags

You can kill weeds by covering them up with plastic bags or mats. Cover up the weeds with black-coloured bags or mats for about three weeks. The weeds will die of heat and lack of sunlight. This is an excellent weed control trick because it takes little effort to get the results you need.


Get a simple sprayer with some weed solution

Spray the weeds

Spray the weeds in your garden with a safe herbicide and you will eradicate them from your garden. Now, you have to be careful here. Do not spray the weeds on a windy day because the wind might drift to the wrong place. If this happens, you might end up killing the plants you want to save. If you do not want to use herbicides, you can spray the weeds with vinegar. This is a safe way to get rid of weeds in your garden.

Use boiled water

Pour boiling water on the weeds and you cook them for good. A splash of water at one hundred degrees centigrade will get rid of even the most stubborn weeds in your garden. If you are using this option, be careful so that you do not pour some of the scalding water on your plants.

Go For Artificial Grass

Many Perth home owners are turning to Synthetic Grass to minimise weeds in their lawn. Weeds do still occur, but are significantly less with Artificial Grass. This could be a solution if you are struggling to keep your lawn weeds under control and your grass green.

Final word
Gardening is a wonderful way to add a splash of colour to your home. Try out the weed control tips above and you get the perfect garden. For more information, contact South City Landscaping today.